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Commonly burned in pellet stoves, boilers, and furnaces to provide warmth during colder months.


Industries use wood pellets in industrial boilers to generate steam or hot water for various processes.


Commercial buildings, such as schools, offices, and warehouses, utilize wood pellets for heating purposes.


Can be co-fired with coal or used exclusively as a biomass fuel source in dedicated biomass power plants.


The absorbent nature of pellets helps maintain a clean and dry environment for animals while also controlling odors.


Pellet-fired boilers or heaters distribute heat evenly throughout the greenhouse environment.


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Wood pellets serve as fuel for both residential heating and large-scale power generation. Global wood pellet production has shown steady growth, with estimates for 2023 exceeding 45 million metric tons.

The key global exporters of wood pellets include the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Latvia and Russia. The largest importers of wood pellets are United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Italy and Belgium.

46.8M MT

Global Wood Pellet Production (in 2022)


Market Valuation (in 2023)


CAGR between 2023 & 2030


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Our collaboration with Top Pellet has paved the way into Finland’s burgeoning market. Despite its demanding standards, we successfully secured business, buoyed by the unwavering support of Top Pellet.

Together, we thrive in even the most challenging landscapes!



Partnering with Top Pellet has been instrumental in expanding our reach into new markets. Together, we’ve achieved remarkable growth and forged enduring partnerships.

Dave Covey – RIZ Trust

business partner

Top Pellet stands out as a reliable and invaluable partner in our import operations. Their commitment to quality and efficiency ensures smooth transactions and timely deliveries.

Manuel Kramer – Advantage

wood pellet importer